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Mental Health And The United States Essay - 1770 Words

Mental Health Care in the United States: The Impact of Deinstitutionalize Senator Creigh Deeds story is just one of many that end in tragedy because of a mental health system that has failed. While the major proportion of people living with mental illness are not violent, they can become a victim of violence. According to the latest statistics from the American Psychological Association one in five adults has a diagnosable mental disorder, one in twenty-four has a serious mental disorder (SMI), and people with mental illness are no more likely to be violent that people without mental illness (Association, American Psychiatric, 2016). Untreated mental health care is characteristic of the violent crimes that we see happening today. Some of the reasons behind these untreated individuals are the unmet needs of people not having a financial means to pay for services, lack of insurance, knowledge about how to access care, embarrassment about having the need for services, and those that n eeded care but experienced delays in accessing care (Jones et al., 2014). During the mid-1800’s the mentally ill were either homeless or locked in a cell under deplorable conditions. Introduction of asylums was a way to get the mentally ill better care and better- living conditions. Over a period of years, the admissions grew, but staff to take care of their needs did not. Asylums became overcrowded and treatments that were thought to cure, were basically medieval and unethicalShow MoreRelatedMental Health Of The United States848 Words   |  4 PagesIn the United States, there are 25% of adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness and it is predicted that 50% of the adult population will develop a mental illness within their lifetime; 8-9% of the adult population in Florida is diagnosed with depression (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Promotion, awareness, and the availability of mental health services are public health areas in my community that needs attention. The needs of my community are not entirely met, and thereRead MoreMental Health Issues Of The United States1175 Words   |  5 PagesMental Health Issues Mental health issues, a shadowed problem in the U.S, has affected millions across the nation. In the United States there are many problems with its mental health service. People with mental disorders are in an inferior area with hospitals being shut down, they usually end up homeless, and sometimes they even end up in prison. Consequently, the U.S pays a large amount of money to go into holding these prisoners who could have been in mental hospitals. In addition to mental hospitalsRead MoreMental Health Issues Of The United States1177 Words   |  5 PagesMental health issues, a shadowed problem in the U.S, has affected millions across the nation. In the United States, there are many problems with its mental health service. People with mental disorders are in an inferior area with hospitals being shut down, they usually end up homeless, and sometimes they even end up in prison. Consequently, the U.S pays a large amount of money to go into holding these prisoners who could have been in mental hospitals. In addition to mental hospitals being closedRead MoreMental Health And Its Effects On The United States1772 Words   |  8 Pagesnational health, â€Å"the States have cut $5 billion in mental health services from 2009 to 2012. While also distinguishing at least 4,500 public psychiatric hospital beds.† Decreasing funds for mental health has resulted in an overcrowded population of homeless patients who either spend their time on the streets, in prisons, or in coffins. Overtime, mentally ill patients have nowhere to go, the jail systems are failing to provide proper treatment, and the government has already reduced mental health fundingsRead MoreMental Health Awareness Across The United States1409 Words   |  6 PagesMay is Mental Health Awareness Month, a national initiative to spread awareness to the constituents of the United States. On April 28, 2016, President Obama issued a Proclamation addressing Mental Health Awareness across the United States. He declared: Nearly 44 million American adults, and millions of children, experience mental health conditions each year, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress. This month, we renew our commitment to ridding ourRead More The United States’ Lack of Mental Health Care1598 Words   |  7 Pages75-80 million people in the United States are mentally ill to some extent (For the Mentally Ill, Finding Treatment Grows Harder). Many people are unaware of the treatments for the mentally ill and how few resources are available. Yes, if society looks from where society has come with the development of treatments, it has come a long ways. There is still more knowledge to be uncovered to ensure the United States gives the mentally ill care equal to what the United States gives the physically ill. EvenRead MoreInadequacy Of The United States Mental Health Care System1104 Words   |  5 Pagesof the United States Mental Health Care System: Barriers to C are According to the World Health Organization, mental illness will affect approximately 25% of people at some point in their life (â€Å"WHO Qualityrights†, n.d.). Despite that, the current mental health care system in the United States is inadequate. Many aspects of the system need improving, especially the barriers to service. In fact, approximately 20% of individuals are left without necessary treatment for their mental health disorderRead MoreCommunity Mental Health Movement Of The United States1210 Words   |  5 PagesCommunity Mental Health Movement For many years, people who suffered with mental illness were more often than not institutionalized and severely mistreated. The history of the Mental Health movement begins in 1909. The history of advocacy began with Clifford W. Beers. Beers, himself an ex-psychiatric patient who, after his release, crusaded to bring mental health and mental illness to the attention of his fellow citizens (Pols). In 1908, Beers published his autobiography, A Mind That Found ItselfRead MoreMental Health Care for Male Prisoners in the United States982 Words   |  4 PagesOur group consists of Asmaa, Kelly, Sasha, and me, and our project is entitled, Mental Health for Male Prisoners in the United States. It took several weeks to work on this research, and the project went very smoothly. As a group, we worked together well. Everyone was on time for our scheduled meetings, and we divided tasks so that each person had a clearly defined role within the group. There were no issues or problems during the ti mes that we worked together. Although we were not personal friendsRead MoreA Brief History Of United States Mental Health Care Essay1896 Words   |  8 PagesPRELIMINARY LITERATURE REVIEW A brief history of the United States’ mental health care The United States has never had an official federal-centered approach for mental health care facilities, entrusting its responsibility to the states throughout the history. The earliest initiatives in this field took place in the 18th century, when Virginia built its first asylum and Pennsylvania Hospital reserved its basement to house individuals with mental disorders (Sundararaman, 2009). During the 19th century

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Master Servant Relationships in the Tempest and Dr...

Master-Servant Relationships in ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Dr Faustus’ Prospero, in ‘The Tempest’, resides on the island with his daughter Miranda and two mythical creatures; his favourite being Ariel who performs magic for him and is a trustworthy servant- this would cause controversy with the audience as magic was a concept both feared and believed in at the time this play was performed. The other is Caliban, son of Sycorax- the witch who used to ‘own’ the island; he is more suited to the role of reluctant slave. Again, this is very relevant to the time as the ‘new world’ was being explored and consequently the native people were falling victim to the power of the explorer. Whereas Dr Faustus has a servant that he acquires through magical†¦show more content†¦Of course Ariel may believe this is an equal relationship but he doesn’t know any better, he has been submissive his whole life. In real-life colonising situations it would be rare that the slave was offered such a good deal or was willin g in the first place without being tricked into it through promise of education and money. Both servants are threatened by Prospero but the difference between them is that Ariel has not acted in a way that has scared Prospero like Caliban has- the supposed attempted rape of his daughter or the fact that a sexual being might want to ‘taint’ his precious virginal daughter. Caliban has effectively dug his own grave, possibly through no fault of his own and is not offered the freedom that Ariel is promised. That is what distinguishes the happy and not so happy relationship that Prospero has with his servants. On the other hand ‘Dr Faustus’ has a more complex relationship, the one between Mephistopheles and Dr Faustus. They first meet when Faustus gets frustrated about his everyday-life , gets extremely power-hungry and decides to conjure up a devil who can fulfil his every desire, ‘I charge thee wait upon me whilst I live, To do whatever Faustus shall com mand’. He is very demanding; this may be because of his ever-growing pride and perhaps to cover-up his fear. Mephistopheles is informal when addressing his ‘master’ ‘Now, Faustus, what wouldst thou have me do?’ Thou is historically an informal term of ‘you’ would be sued toShow MoreRelated Supernatural in Shakespeare’s The Tempest And Marlowe’s The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus3393 Words   |  14 PagesThe Supernatural in Shakespeare’s The Tempest And Marlowe’s The Tragical History of D. Faustus The supernatural forces are at once alike and distinct in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and in Marlowe’s The Tragical History of D. Faustus. The supernatural is kind to Prospero and his daughter Miranda in The Tempest, while the devils in Dr Faustus eagerly wait for the day that Faustus would join them in Hell. In both plays, the supernatural provides recurrent waves of sounds and feelings, lending special

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Animal Rights Where Are The Limits - 1680 Words

Adrianna Steele Dr. Beutel ENG 101 November 18, 2014 Animal Rights: Where Are The Limits? Do animals deserve the natural rights humans have? Animals are being kept captive in science labs to test many things. In research labs they are used to test many trivial products and they are also used in valuable medical research. Many animal right activists go as far as breaking the law as an attempt to get the point across about the wellbeing of animals in science labs instead of being civil about the manner. Where are the limits of abuse to animals in the science labs? Is it essential that animals be used as experiments for anything other than valuable medical research? The welfare of animals should be considered in experiments, although they are a substantial benefit to medical research there should still be strict enforced regulations set to stop the unnecessary pain and suffering of the animals. There are many animal rights activist groups asking that an animal’s life be seen just as valuable as the life of a human. Having â€Å"natural rights† for anim als defined would mean imprisoning and holding trials for animals that break the law, realistically this is not a defensible philosophy. According to Lee and Ames natural rights for animals is a â€Å"flawed philosophy† that contradicts itself. The concept of natural rights for animals would jeopardize all medical research. Animals in the laboratory are mostly used for biomedical research, education and product safetyShow MoreRelatedPhil 235 Term Paper1336 Words   |  6 PagesTerm Paper: The Right to Have Children The right to have children is understood in very different ways and people’s ethics and values are put to the test each and everyday when they find out they not only must take care of themselves but the lives of another human being. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted this statement regarding the right to bear children â€Å"men and women of full age, without any limitations to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and foundRead MoreAnimal rights1084 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Animals with rights must be treated as ends in themselves, they should not be treated by others as means to achieve their ends.† (Francione) An idea opposing to Immanuel Kant’s beliefs. Animals are apart of the moral community, their intrinsic worth justifies this, and causes for certain rights to be established to uphold their worth within the community. To not respect the welfare of nonhuman animals, and to provide special treatment for humans, goes against Peter Singer’s ideas for a harmoniousRead MoreThe Quantitative Article, Donaldson, Sue And Will Essay1153 Words   |  5 PagesKymlicka. Unruly Beasts: Animal Citizens and the Threat of Tyranny. Canadian Journal of Political Science 47 no.1 (2014): 23-45.,† pertains to domesticated animal’s having the right to be considered citizens. However, this article was written as a rebuttal to an earlier journal article by Emma Planinc, â€Å" ¬Ã‚ ¬Ã‚ ¬Ã‚ ¬ Democracy, Despots and Wolves: On the Dangers of Zoopolis s Animal Citizen†. â€Å"Unruly Beasts: Animal Citizens and the ThreatRead More Stem Cell Research – Developing a Cross between Species Essay612 Words   |  3 Pagesbut in a different respect. Human-nonhuman animal chimeras are being developed by injecting animal blastocysts with human embryonic stem cells. The cells need to be injected at the right point in d evelopment, after the body plan of the animal has formed and before the immune system develops. It is done at this time to avoid deforming the animal and so the fetus does not reject the cells. In some studies, the resulting animal embryo had a mixture of animal cells, human cells, and a hybrid of the twoRead MoreAnimal Farm And 1984 George Orwell Analysis889 Words   |  4 PagesGeorge Orwell used the theme of betrayal to show how the society in both â€Å"Animal Farm† and â€Å"1984† controls the people. Both books have a totalitarian government controlling everyone but in 1984 the government has people betray each other to gain power. People do as they’re told and lose the relationships such as family, friends, or intimate relationships, all of which they would have in a normal society. The government does this so each individual becomes alienated from each other and feels likeRead MoreReligion And Religious Laws On Religion975 Words   |  4 Pagesfollower s and society have to obey without questioning why the rules exist. Some of the religious rules have put limits on humans that go completely against human nature. This because we as humans are consider as mammals and animals as well Although there are many positive views of religion there are also many negative aspects to religious laws. For centuries, religion has put limits on its followers by denying their passions for many reasons. Religion teaches everyone what’s morality good andRead More Animals Deserve Rights Essay802 Words   |  4 PagesAnimals Deserve Rights It is the notion of our time that non-human animals exist for the advancement of the human species. In whatever field -- cookery, fashion, blood-sports -- it is held that we can only be concerned with animals as far as human interests exist. There may be some sympathy for those animals, as to limit practices which cause excruciating suffering, but those may only be limited if they are brought to public light, and if legislators receive enough pressure from the public toRead MoreAnimal Farm by George Orwell Essay1127 Words   |  5 PagesAnimal Farm begins as a vision of Utopia, perfect society but ends as a nightmare who is to blame for the betrayal of revolution? Animalism was, in its truest sense, a dream conjured by Old Major. He could never achieve his vision of Utopia. Throughout the satire, the pigs visibly taint Old Majors concept of equality. It is obvious to the readers from the very beginning, that the pigs would become corrupt. At the start of the satire, all the animals gather in the barn to listen to OldRead MoreAnimal Cruelty Is An Ethical And Moral Issue Essay1273 Words   |  6 Pagesissue? Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, or whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. Animal cruelty is an ethical and moral dilemma as there is no clear right or wrong answers that can solve all of the issues. There are numerous opinions on how this issue can be solved, these include; - Creating more animal protection laws e.g. ban animals in circuses - Harsher fines for animal abusersRead MorePeople Have Hunted Throughout Human History1503 Words   |  7 Pagesor calling a wild animal with the intention, or aim, of killing it. People often ask hunters why they hunt. Most say they hunt for three reasons: Food, to help balance wildlife, and to enjoy the challenge. People who lived thousands of years ago left clues about their lives. Some of these clues were pictures painted on the wall inside caves. Some showed animals being hunted. This proves that hunting has been part of society for many years. The first hunters may have trapped animals and beat them with

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Entropy free essay sample

Do you think everything in your life are abiding or not? Entropy is all about unstable things that always changing. According to the arrow of time, KC. Cole give the explanation for entropy that â€Å"Entropy is the natural order of things in the universe, there is event a precise measure of the amount of disorder† (Pg. 221). Due to that, we can say that entropy is part of life and nature. Going forward is how entropy works. Like time only go through, newer go back and restart again. In order to learning and understanding to delay the effect of entropy in our life. Looking through daily life such as family, education, entertainment, work and etc is the basic and the easiest ways to adapt and adjust your entropy. Managing time carefully be able you to deferring your entropy in life. The most important part in human life, many people agree that is â€Å"Family†. We will write a custom essay sample on Entropy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Dose not matter whoever you are or whatever you do, parent is the first person you contact with. Mom and dad are the first couple who taking care of us. Most of time using with family and parent. Babies used their hold period asking cared and knowledge from their parent. Husband spend amount of life taking care of his wife. Dad and mom expend all of free time taking care their kids. Noticing that the more grow up, the more time we lose. Growing up as adult have much more things to care of. Paying attention for studies, works, friends, events and lots of activities become important part of life. We have less free times to spend with our lover. Those are entropy that we have to put in our time of live. The most important goal in my hold life, managing entropy and spend time as much as possible to stay with family and take care them. Family† is that important for you? Education also play important role for many people. Because everyone realize that highly education is require for good career. Studying trend become more popular in the lastly of 1900s. Some people spend their hold life in studying to get the good grade, scholarship or good job while some just spent amount of time to do that. Of course, studying is significant but it is not everything. In order to get work, we study hard but if we only study how can we work? Moreover, we have to join other activities, lub and meeting to make our life more colorful. Entertainment is very need in our life. Many research shown that Laughing can make you live longer. Crying and stress make you die quicker. Body will be releases Endorphins that going to relieves the stress and negative feeling while we laughing. Therefor, we should entertain ourselves at least one hour per day to let body and brain cool down and relax. It does not matter to do funny things or spend lots of time, just do whatever you like and enjoy it, have fun with it then you will get the better quality of life. Many people said that working is the most important part of human life while some disagree. Those people spend time, effort, also free time just focusing on working. Some people work hard to earn lots of income, some want to be popular or get high position in company. However, money and famous are not everything. There are a lot of things such as family, friends, dream and etc that more important waiting for us. Spending hold life with working is really stupid idea. There are many cases that spend most time with working. After those people realize they have nothing left. Becoming too old to use money. Family all gone. Spending lots of money on medical fee. Nothing going to be good if we only focusing on something only without care the others. Are you going to spend you hold life in working for thing call â€Å"money’†? Basic entropy in daily life is base on how can we manage our life. Managing schedule is the best way to avoid and delay it. We cannot pay lot of time to do everything. Choosing the most important things and spend lot of time with it. Adjust your time-table carefully then you will get everything. What about you, how can you manage entropy? Entertainment is very need in our life. Many research shown that Laughing can make you live longer. Crying and stress make you die quicker. Body will be releases Endorphins that going to relieves the stress and negative feeling while we laughing. Therefor, we should entertain ourselves at least one hour per day to let body and brain cool down and relax. It does not matter to do funny things or spend lots of time, just do whatever you like and enjoy it, have fun with it. Then you will get the better quality of life.

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Compare and contrast how the women are wooed in A.Marvells To His Coy Mistress and J.Doones The Flea Essay Example

Compare and contrast how the women are wooed in A.Marvells To His Coy Mistress and J.Doones The Flea Essay Andrew Marvell was born in the year sixteen-twenty one, in Yorkshire. He became a lecturer in Hull and was educated at Hull Grammar School, and in sixteen-thirty three he matriculated as a Sizar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Marvell wrote many poems, and To His Coy Mistress was one of them. The poem was published in the seventeenth century and is a good example of love poetry in this century. Also in the seventeenth century, a poet called John Doone also wrote a similar poem about love. John Donnes poem The Flea appears to be a love poem, a dedication from a male suitor to his lady of honour, which renounces to yield to his shameless desires. In this poem, the speaker tries to seduce a young woman by comparing the consequences of their lovemaking with those of an insignificant fleabite. He uses the flea as an argument to demonstrate that the physical relationship he desires is not in itself a significant event, because a similar unification has already taken place within the flea. T he poem was written in the seventeenth century and in those days, if blood was mingled it meant you had had sex with that person. In both poems they use symbols to prove their points to try and get their women to have sex with them. In To His Coy Mistress the symbol is time as throughout the poem the man complains about the lack of time in life. In The Flea the symbol is quite literally the flea as the man uses this to seduce the women. Both poems are about the speaker trying to seduce and woo the women. Wooed means how the men tried to encourage the women into doing what they wanted. They then try anything to win the womens hand. These symbols are used very cunningly in the poem for the mens wooing and they use the devise of language very well when they try and gain the women. They twist the words to there advantage. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and contrast how the women are wooed in A.Marvells To His Coy Mistress and J.Doones The Flea specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and contrast how the women are wooed in A.Marvells To His Coy Mistress and J.Doones The Flea specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and contrast how the women are wooed in A.Marvells To His Coy Mistress and J.Doones The Flea specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer She is not worried about what is happening and is determined not to lose her virginity. The man on the other hand has other ideas and wants the woman to get on with what he wants her to do, which is sex. In both poems the poets use the device of symbolism to impress and seduce the women to their advantage. In To His Coy Mistress the symbol in this poem is time and all the way through the symbol is reiterated. The man tries to seduce the woman as quick as possible and uses time as a useful seduction technique for him to draw the attention of the woman to him. He tries to make her think that there is not much time left in her life and she should experience sex before she dies.

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Monologue from the play Cinema Limbo by Wade Bradford

Monologue from the play Cinema Limbo by Wade Bradford This comedic female monologue can be used for auditions and classroom performances. The setting is the  current day in an unspecified geographic location, allowing the performer to make her own choices of accent. The character is entering college, so can be assumed to be about age 18, youthful and not yet worldly. Its appropriate for high school and college drama classes. Context of the Monologue This scene is taken from the short play, Cinema Limbo by Wade Bradford. College-bound Vicky is an assistant manager of a movie theater. Every geeky, dorky employee is attracted to her. Although she is amused by their attraction, she has yet to fall in love. The full play is a two-person play of only 10 minutes in length. It may be used to help build the character for a performer who plans to use the monologue. Monologue VICKY:I’m the kind of girl who takes pity on poor pathetic geeks who have never kissed a girl. Let’s just say that I like someone who is easily trainable- someone who will truly appreciate me. It’s sad, I know. But hey, I’ll take an ego boost wherever I can get it. Unfortunately, these adorably nerdy boyfriends get boring after a while. I mean, I can only listen to their computer games and mathematic equations for so long. Of course, Stuart’s different in a lot of ways. He’s terrible at math, for one. And he’s pretty clueless about technology. But he’s a comic book sort of geek. And a hopeless romantic. He’s pre-occupied with holding my hand. Everywhere we go, he wants to hold hands. Even when we’re driving. And he’s got this new pastime. He keeps saying â€Å"I love you.† It was so sweet and wonderful the first time he said it. I almost cried, and I’m not the kind of girl who cries easily. But by the end of the week, he must have said â€Å"I love you† about five hundred times. And then he starts adding pet names. â€Å"I love you, honey bunch.† â€Å"I love you, sweetheart.† â€Å"I love you my little smoochy-woochy-coochi-koo.† I don’t even know what that last one means. It’s like he’s speaking in some brand-new, love-infected language. Who would have thought romance could be so boring? Notes on the Monologue In the original context, Vicky was discussing her job at the theater with a fellow employee, Joshua. She is attracted to him and they banter about the job and her relationship with Stuart, who was a grade school classmate of Joshua. The monologue can also be delivered as an introspective piece rather than as part of a conversation, imagining that Vicky is voicing her thoughts to the audience rather than to Joshua. The monologue gives the performer a chance to show a blend of innocence, naivete, callousness, and even a touch of cruelty. How much of each is displayed will be a choice of the performer. Its a piece that allows the performer to explore the themes of coming of age, exploring relationships, sensitivity to the emotions of others, and the responsibilities of adulthood.

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International Trade and Finance Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

International Trade and Finance Law - Assignment Example However, besides the vivid opportunities, the global exposure practices have also been observed to impose certain threats and constraints upon the organisations. For instance, organisations intending to expand in the global context may face various types of legal risks owing to the differences pertaining to the regulatory framework of the home country and the host nation. It is in this context that international trade laws, in terms of industry specific concessions and Foreign Direct Investments, often tend to constrict the expansion programs of organisations (Johnsrud, 2011). Based on these aspects, the discussion intends to briefly discuss the international trade laws and the related risk factors that are quite likely to be faced by Cowan Davies (CD) PLC when expanding its business operations in South East Asia. Moreover, the discussion also focuses on identifying major risks of trade and finance that are probable to be faced by CD in its planned expansion to South East Asia. Brief Description of Legal Risks in International Trade and Finance Legal risks are often perceived to be a few of the fundamental issues faced by organisations when conducting processes related to international trade and finance. It is in this context that over the past decades, laws related to trade affairs and business operations have developed apparently, which has also imposed a significant influence on the organisational operations. For instance, in early decades of the 18th century, businesses were largely focused on national contexts rather than on foreign environments apart from the export and import functions. With the gradual increase in the globalisation effects, organisations became more concentrated on expanding their businesses in foreign countries in order to attain the virtues of added resource availability and increased market demand. However, owing to the distinctive cultural backgrounds and business procedures, various regions developed dissimilar trade policies which later cropped up as a fundamental reason for international trade related conflicts (Schmitthoff & Cheng, 1937). For instance, the legal framework followed by the South East Asian economies to facilitate international trade has been observed as quite different from that practiced by the western countries. Where the organisations operating in America, England and other allied western countries need to abide by the norms specified by North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the companies operating in the South East Asian region needs to follow the rules and regulations specified by the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). Supposedly, the policies followed by the two international trade related treaties are distinct in terms of their characteristics which might give rise to conflicts and legal issues in case of global exposure (Johnsrud, 2011). With this concern, there are various trade and finance risks identifiable, which could affect the export activities of CD for its expansion in the South East Asian region. It is worth mentioning in this context t